Chapter Website Hosting

GWRRA Arkansas will make available space on our website for hosting GWRRA Arkansas Chapters domains.

Benefits of moving to GWRRA Arkansas domain
  1. When administrator access needs changing, District Webmaster can accomplish it.
  2. You are in complete control of your website.
  3. Unlimited web space for your Chapter.
  4. Apache Server with unlimited FTP access.
  5. Email addresses for Chapter Team members.
  6. No pop up advertising on your web space to contend with (as you have on some FREE websites).
  7. You may use the website design software of your choice.
  8. HERE is a link to more information.  Check out the software at:


  1. $50 PER YEAR (Paid annually - Due Jan 1).
  2. Sign ups during the year will prorate at $5.00 per month for the remaining months in the year. (Example: Sign up August 16th - Prorated 4 months $20.00).
  3. Sign ups during Jan and Feb will pay the full $50 annual fee.


To subscribe to the service:
  1. Contact Bill Shryock (AR District Webmaster) to get the domain account set up.
  2. Make check payable to: GWRRA Arkansas.
  3. Mail subscription fee check and notation of what it is for to:
              Becky Farmer
              3410 Browning Road
              Benton, AR  72019